Friday, February 4, 2011

Tips for a Well Stocked Pantry

Having a well stocked pantry makes it easier to put together healthy meals for your family. It also helps eliminate frequent trips to the store and saving on impulse buys.

The key to having a well stocked pantry is to stock up on items that you use frequently as well as items needed for a go to meal. For example, pasta and spaghetti sauce are a great go to meal. Stock up when items are on sale if possible.

In order to avoid running out of an item you always use, keep a running grocery list on the fridge. Jot down when you are getting low on something.

Like I said, stock up on items when they are on sale or you could shop once a month for pantry staples. Here are a few items that stock my pantry...

home canned fruit and vegetables
peanut butter and jelly
pasta and sauce
oils (olive and canola)
baking supplies flour, sugar, baking powder, yeast etc.

What do you keep stocked in your pantry?


  1. Pretty much what's on your list... along with potatoes, eggs and cheese!

  2. Rotelle tomatos, Contadina tomato sauce,Cr Mushroom soup, broth,canned & frozen veggies, pasta,chili beans.

  3. *Home canned tomatoes, green beans, chicken stock, grape juice.
    *Whole wheat flour and sugar
    *Whole wheat pastas and brown rice
    *Dried/canned beans--all different kinds

    Then my freezer always has lots of cheese, fruits, veggies, chicken, pork, beef, and at least one "emergency" loaf of bread.