Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garbage Bags

Oh yes I did. I took a picture of my trash can.

My father works at a job where he constantly wears dress shirts and ties. He always gets his shirts dry cleaned. When he picks up his clothes they come in a clear plastic bag. Instead of tossing those bags in the trash when he removes his shirts, he gives them to me. We reuse these as our trash bags. The bags fit perfectly in our trash can.

By using these as our trash bags, we haven't had to buy trash bags in almost a year. Just another way to save a little extra money.

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  1. I discovered 100% compostable garbage bags in Menards the other day and got so excited. Jason acted like they've been around for years and were no big deal. So my question was, why are we not using them?! We buy garbage bags in bulk he tells me. Whatever, next time we run out, those are the ones we're buying.

  2. I'm jealous that you get those! :)

    Didn't know about 100% compostable garbage bags at Menards either Stefany, interesting! I wonder if they are really expensive??

  3. I'm with you on reusing plastic bags for trash bags, but I've never found anything that works very well in our kitchen trash can - at least that we would have very many of. It's nice you have that source!

  4. I work at a dry cleaner and since we can't reuse bags on clothes these are my favorite trash bags!