Thursday, April 28, 2011

Homemade Chicken Stock

I made chicken stock for the first time the other evening. I have been saving chicken carcasses in the deep freeze since last Summer when we butchered our birds. I had plans to make stock for the winter but never got it accomplished (that's what having a new baby does to you, takes all your spare time!) I finally was able to make my first batch the other night and it was so easy.

First I put the chicken carcass in my large 15 qt pressure canner pot. I had about 3 bags, necks and other random pieces. Next I added 4 carrots, some fresh celery leaves and pieces, an onion, quartered, salt, pepper and parsley. I turned the heat up to high.Once it started boiling I turned it down to simmer and left it. I did skim some of the yuck off the top a few times. I let it simmer all night (about 12 hours).The next morning I let it cool and then pulled out all the chicken bones and veggies. Once I did that I strained the broth through a tea towel to get all the extras out. This left me with a beautiful clean broth.
I was able to then can the stock. I ended up getting 9 pints and 5 quarts. I am so excited to add this to our pantry and it was so easy to do.
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  1. I am almost out of the stock I canned last fall, so I have been saving my chicken "parts" too. You have inspired me to get busy and get this done before I get too busy outside!

  2. You can also use your crockpot to make stock overnight. Bonus is that it uses less energy than the stove!

  3. If using your crockpot would you cook on low overnight? Also how did you can your chicken stock? Pressure canner? How long?

  4. Hi.. Thanks for the great info.. I too am wondering how long you took to actually can the broth.. I would like to try this as I have been given several bags of necks...

  5. I processed them in a pressure canner at 10lbs. Pints 20 minutees and quarts 25 minutes.

    Erlene a crockpot would work great. I would leave it on all day or all night. Good luck!