Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not So Baby Chicks

Remember these little guys? Or gals I should say. These are my chickies 6 week ago. They had lots of room to run, scratch and play.

Here they are now, a month later. They are growing so fast. They have no room anymore in that tote. I am anxiously waiting for the weather to warm back up so that I can move them outside with the other hens.
Their soft black fluff has turned into pretty white and black feathers. Their combs are starting to develop as well.

This group of birds is a lot more daring than the last batch. I have had to put chicken wire on top of the bin to make sure they stay in. I was finding them perching on the top of the tote a few times and roaming around the garage. I think they are anxious to move out to their new home as well.

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  1. Really wish I could get my stuff together and have some chickens!! The only problem is I only think I could use their eggs....I'd be naming them ad never be able to kill them. :(
    I'm a new follower. :)

  2. I've moved my 7 week old chicks out to the barn to stay warm until they can head outside. Silly weather... I'd like to see some global warming :)

  3. So cool! It is cold too cold outside for me too, right now!

  4. Barred Rocks, my favorite!! Sarah, where do you order your chicks from? I need to get some soon :D

  5. Oops... I accidentally submitted that as Anonymous, sorry!!

  6. Diana, I got these gals from Des Moines Feed and Garden.