Friday, July 29, 2011

Homestead Update

Ahh it's been awhile since I posted about what has been going on around the homestead. The summer is flying by and in less than 4 weeks the kids will be returning to school. That means a schedule again. I could use a little more structure in my own schedule. I feel like I bounce from one thing to another. Between cooking, cleaning, gardening and taking care of 5 children s needs there is never a slow moment it seems.

It has been a busy summer. The garden is doing well (pictures and post to come soon) with the exception of Japanese beetles that have infested and pretty much taken over my green beans. My herb garden is good, although a little weedy and overgrown. I have been drying quite a few herbs, including mint and basil.

The chickens are doing pretty well. I did lose one a couple weeks ago. I think due to the extreme heat we have been experiencing. The younger birds are actually bigger than some of my veterans and are doing well. I got my first pullet egg a few days ago!

I plan to update a little more on each one of these topics as time permits. Life is busy right now. Our newest baby has started crawling and pulling herself up to the furniture so that starts a whole new adventure for us all, trying to keep all the small pieces of dirt, toys and food from ending up in her mouth!

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  1. The japanese beetles love my green beans too, as well as our cherry tree. We keep a bucket of soapy water and head out there every 30 minutes or so and knock them into the bucket. We get dozens every day, but they just keep coming.