Sunday, August 7, 2011

She's my friend, I've just never met her...

That is what I said to my kids on the way to meet Jennifer from Getting Ahead. Jennifer and her family live in Ohio and I have been reading her blog before I even started my own. She was one of my inspirations from the beginning. When she emailed me and said they were coming through my area and asked if I wanted to meet I was SO excited.

We woke up early on a Monday morning and headed to a park to meet them. It was awesome. We have so much in common and it breaks my heart that they live so far away because I feel like we could hang out all the time!

Our kids got along great and it was exciting to finally meet someone I have been following for so long. I hope we can meet again some day. For now, I will just have to continue to follow her life through her blog and email of course!