Sunday, August 7, 2011

She's my friend, I've just never met her...

That is what I said to my kids on the way to meet Jennifer from Getting Ahead. Jennifer and her family live in Ohio and I have been reading her blog before I even started my own. She was one of my inspirations from the beginning. When she emailed me and said they were coming through my area and asked if I wanted to meet I was SO excited.

We woke up early on a Monday morning and headed to a park to meet them. It was awesome. We have so much in common and it breaks my heart that they live so far away because I feel like we could hang out all the time!

Our kids got along great and it was exciting to finally meet someone I have been following for so long. I hope we can meet again some day. For now, I will just have to continue to follow her life through her blog and email of course!


  1. it's so fun to meet people like that!

  2. We have so much in common, I wish you lived closer! I know we will stay in touch.