Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homemade Birthday Cake

I seem to share a homemade birthday cake every couple months (since I have so may people in my family that is about how often I have to make them). Making homemade cakes is such an easy way to save money on birthdays. For this cake the mix cost $.77 and then the frosting is made using ingredients I already had on hand (and my MIL, since the cake was made at her house).

My #3 son's birthday was at the end of September and he is really into Star Wars. He requested Jango Phet or Boba Phet for his cake. Can you tell which one this is? Don't worry. I had no idea either until I looked at a picture in one of his books. This is Janga Phet.

If your interested you can view other cakes I have made here and here.


  1. I agree making them are so much cheaper and typically taste better :)

  2. I always made my kids cake when they were little. I think they prefered that, since i always let them lick the beater..