Friday, October 21, 2011

Using Coupons Again

I took a little break from using coupons for awhile. I got lazy and didn't want to take the time to clip them. There for awhile there really wasn't any coupons in the inserts that I could take advantage of. Now I have been rejuvenated and have been saving some big money using coupons again. It feels pretty good!

There are very few things that we are brand specific to. Therefore, sometimes even when using a coupon, it is still cheaper to buy generic. However when items are on sale and you have a coupon you may be able to stock up at a rock bottom price.

I am going to be reorganizing my coupon binder. When I was new to couponing I used to clip every single coupon and place them in the appropriate sleeve. I get multiple inserts so it took so long. Then after awhile I just started clipping the coupons I thought I would use and would toss the rest of the insert. There was many times I would be at the store and come across an item that was on sale and I knew I had seen a coupon for it but it was in the insert that I didn't keep. For example I don't regularly buy gum so most gum coupons I don't keep. But if I see gum on sale or on clearance and I can use a coupon to get it super cheap or even free then I am all over that.

So here is my new plan for organizing coupons. Each week I will review the inserts and clip the coupons I think I will most likely use. I will organize those coupons into my binder pockets. Then I am going to mark each insert on the front page with the date. I am going to file these in the back of my binder. This way if a sale comes up or I stumble on a really good deal I will still have access to the all the coupons.


  1. I did the exact same thing.. now I just cut what I know I would use if on sale and file the inserts in a portable file box with a lid so I can throw it in the trunk when I make a bunch of stops for deals. That way if I do need the uncut ones I can access them quickly to cut them out. I just look up a coupon I need online with my cell phone at a coupon database (refund cents) to check if there are any coupons available and what insert they are in. It saves me so much time! I use a binder just for target coupons because those coupons are so big. I pair them up with a manufacturer coupon right in the sleeves so the deals are right there in front of me. I just use a regular accordian style organizer for all my basic coupons and then I have one just for store deals.. -Christel

  2. I am so glad to hear you took a break too! I just started printing them again this week! hope to do well on my shopping tomorrow ! thanks for keeping it real!!

  3. Hope to see you at my coupon meetup on Nov. 12!!!