Monday, November 28, 2011

Tips for Saving Money During the Holidays

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There are many ways to save money during the holiday season. This time of year can be a bit tough on the pocket book. The food, the gifts, the traveling, it all adds up. Here are a few frugal tips to help make the holidays a little easier on your wallet.

Make a budget and stick to it. Sit down and plan out how much you want to spend. You can come up with a lump sum and then divide it up between the people on your list you want to buy for. Don't forget to budget for food and travel arrangements if that pertains to you.

Pay cash. By paying cash you are more likely to stick to your budget. Charging to a credit cards can make you forget how much you are really spending. Seeing the cash leave your wallet let's you know exactly how much you have left to spend.

Buy for the group or family. Instead of buying for each individual person, why not buy a family gift? Tickets to the movies, a new board game or movie are some ideas that you could give to the entire family.

Skip the Christmas cards. You can save quite a bit of money by not sending Christmas cards. Postage and the cards themselves can add up. If you feel like you need to send cards think about sending post cards. Postage will be cheaper. Email is another option and it won't cost a thing.

Do it yourself. Homemade gifts are always a welcoming option when it comes to gift giving. Homemade gifts can be less expensive and can also get the family working together. If you aren't feeling exceptionally crafty what about homemade baked goods or canned items such as salsa, jams or jellies?

How do you save money on the holidays? This post is linked to the Frugal Tuesday Tip hosted here at Learning the Frugal Life.


  1. I usually write a letter for our Christmas cards. This year I'm going to post it to Facebook, which will eliminate the cost of printing and mailing it to 95% of our list.

  2. Indeed, saving is one of those tasks that’s so much easier said than done. But there are simple ways to help you save money and most of it starts at home. Little things like conserving water and electricity can go a long way, especially with your bills. One other way is to control your spending. Prioritize between needs and wants. This is also good for paying off your debts.