Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekly Grocery Shopping

This was a big shopping week for me. I had a few stock up items, a few items for Thanksgiving dinners and just some things we needed. Here is the breakdown.

11/13 Needed to pick up a shirt for son's concert so while I was at Walmart picked up 2 loaves of bread and 7 lbs of bananas. Total spent $6.72.

11/16 Walmart. Box of overnight diapers for my daughter and a bottle of laundry soap to get me through till I make another batch of homemade soap. Total spent $20.74, coupon saving $2.00.
11/16 Weekly grocery trip to Fareway. As you can see from the picture I picked up some stock up items including cereal (for chex mix), margarine (even better deal this week than last, $.59), canned pineapple. It was my son's birthday so he took treats to school (oatmeal cream pies) and the rest is stuff either we needed, wanted or was for Thanksgiving dinners.

Total spent $68.74, coupons saving $7.50.

The grand total for the week was $96.20, coupon savings $9.50.

The grand total for the month is $229.29, coupon savings is $27.00.

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