Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekly Grocery Shopping

I am a little behind in getting my weekly grocery shopping picture up. Here is what I bought last week. The deals have been slow so I didn't stock up on anything for the week. I bought a few items for Thanksgiving (cream, fried onions and dinner rolls). After getting home I told my husband I felt a little guilty because I had spent $8 on dinner rolls. I knew I could make homemade rolls, but time and travel would have made it difficult.

I also bought 2 more containers of laundry soap. I didn't have a coupon but thankfully it was on sale for $2.50 per bottle. I am going to be using that on my husbands clothes because we have been having issues with yellow spot on some of his shirts. I will still be using my homemade laundry soap for most things, just not his work clothes unless any of you have any suggestions to fix our problem.

I also got free pasta and pasta sauce courtesy of my wonderful husband who scored some coupons a couple weeks ago at an event.

Total spent was $65.62
Coupon savings was $6.68

Saturday night the hubs and I went out for a couple hours to a friends birthday party on the way home we stopped and bought some fancy ice cream for the family (Ben and Jerry's for the win!)
Total spent there was $17.65.

The total for the week was $83.27

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  1. if you make the liquid soap, it should not leave spots. But if you still want the ease of the powder, use ivory bar soap instead of the fals naptha.