Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stocking Up on Baking Supplies

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During the holidays is the best time to stock up on baking supplies. Right now you can find rock bottom prices on most baking items. Try and remember that not only will you need these items around the holidays but you will also need them for the months ahead. If possible try and stock up now while the prices are low. I have seen 5lb bags of flour anywhere from $.88-$.99 the last couple weeks. Usually flour is over $2 a bag. Store the bags of flour in plastic bins or buckets for safe keeping.

Sugars have also been on sale. This week I also stocked up on some free spices and cheap butter. Chocolate chips have been on sale lately, match those up with a coupon and you get a pretty sweet deal. My pantry shelves are full of baking supplies that will last me the next few months. The best thing is that I paid a fraction of what it would cost if I had bought all those items at full price.


  1. Good point! I didn't even think about that. There have been a lot of sales in my area on baking supplies and I sure do have the storage space. I might have to look into this. Thanks!

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  3. Great post. I have never thought of stocking up baking equipment. Keep posting such interesting stuff.