Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Fun Magazine Subscription Only $3.99


Right now, for a short time you can get a subscription to Family Fun magazine for just $3.99. Use coupon code "SAVINGS" at checkout. I love this magazine. It is full of great articles, recipes and crafts for you and your kiddos.


  1. Thanks for sharing with us! My kiddos will surely appreciate this one!

  2. Great deal on a good magazine for sure. It is hard to think of family fun ideas, we get in a rut, following the same pattern of habit and routine. Magazines offer ideas for a break from the routine - new recipes, new ideas, plus kids love cutting them up afterwards and can make posters or even vision boards out of the magazine once you are finished with it - although if you are keeping recipes its best to remove them and store in a file folder before letting your kids go crazy with the magazine afterwards - or at least you can pass it on to become reading room material at a doctors office or something - anything other than tossing it in the garbage of course.
    Great blog.