Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun and Frugal Easter and Spring Decorating

Spring is upon us! Easter is just a couple weeks away. I love decorating for each of the holidays/seasons.

Last week we took down all our St. Patrick's Day decorations and replaced tjem with Easter ones. Most of my items are hand me downs from family members, decorations bought on clearance after the holiday, or items that I have picked up at garage sales.

You can also decorate using things that you have just laying around your house. Here is one quick and easy idea. This bowl is filled with plastic Easter eggs. It makes a really bright and colorful centerpiece for our kitchen table.

Another idea for frugal decorations is to make your own. We love making large pieces of artwork and displaying them on our empty walls in our family room. Here is our latest creation. A very large basket of Easter eggs!
My kids had a good time making this one. I gave each of them large egg cut outs made from white card stock. I placed paints on the table and they each created their own Easter egg.

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