Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moving the Chicks Out

Our new chicks have finally gotten big enough to move outside.  Right now I have them in the portable chicken run my husband made for me.  The portable run is right next to the larger stationary run so that the older hens are able to see the new birds but not have access to them.  My plan is to leave them there one more night and then I will place the new birds in with the older hens.

These are pictures I took of the babies the first time we let them outside.  I placed them in the big run to see how they would act.  Of course anytime I am doing anything with the chickens my toddler is right there helping me.  She loves her birdies.  
You could tell they really loved having more space.  Poor things have been cooped up in a rubbermaid tub the last 6 weeks.
Moving the new birds in with the old is always a little tricky.  I will place the new birds into the house at night so that they will all wake up together.  There is always a new pecking order that takes place and the new ones usually get picked on a little.  I just have to watch them closely for a few days to make sure no one gets too mean.  

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  1. We just made the same transition and I was shocked at how the older chickens chose only one of the little ones to dislike. The first time we put them in together, all of the older birds attacked our little brown bird. As long as I was standing in the coop, the girls all got along, so I ended up spending an afternoon "monitoring" the Thankfully, they are all getting along fine now. :)