Friday, June 29, 2012

Conserving Water

With hot weather in full force we are using large amounts of water daily.  I have been looking for ways to conserve our water usage.  Here are a few ways we have been cutting back on water.  I would love to hear any other ideas.

We have been filling up the kiddie pool on hot days.  Instead of just dumping the water out we use that water to water the garden and flowers.  This is a great job for kids-they don't mind the many trips back and forth.  I could just put the pool closer to the garden but then how would they get their exercise?

Time our showers.  My husband and I can take pretty quick showers (when we want to).  Our kids on the other hand lose all track of time once they get in the shower.  So we bang on the door or remind them nicely to speed it up.  Wash hair, wash body, rinse off, get out. 

Bath water.  I am the first one to love a full tub of hot bath water.  But when giving my kiddos a bath, especially our toddler I put just enough water in to get her clean. 

Rain barrels.  I love my rain barrels!  There are many varieties of rain barrels that you can make.  My husband looked at pictures online and watched some Youtube videos and made ours.  I am hoping to add one or 2 more barrels back by our chicken coop. 

How do you conserve water at your house? 


  1. instead of letting dish water go down the drain I transfer as much as possible to a bucket and water my garden with it. The soap doesn't hurry the plants and helps keeps bugs away.

  2. Any liquid in cups after meals I dump into houseplants or outside plants if they can take it instead of just dumping it down the drain. In the heat of summer we also only bathe the kids on no pool days since we have a pool at home. :)

  3. Those are both great ideas. I have heard a little bit of dish soap in water will keep bugs away. Thanks for sharing!