Thursday, June 7, 2012

Free Things to Do With Kids

It's summer break and I am always on the lookout for free things to do with my kiddos.  With 5 of them it makes it really tough to attend paid events.  I have started compiling a list and figured I would share it with you.

Sign up for summer library programs.  Most libraries offer summer reading programs for kids.  We frequent 2 libraries and each of them offer a reading program.  The kids get a stamp, sticker or prize for so many minutes of reading.

Visit parks.  There are SO many parks and the kids love finding new ones.

Picnics either outside in our own yard or drive to a park.

Instead of going out to a movie, stay home and rent your own.  You can rent a movie, buy some popcorn and maybe even a special drink all for less than the cost of 1 movie ticket.
Play in the water.  Set up a sprinkler, wash the cars, have a squirt gun fight.  Fill buckets of water and give the kids paintbrushes to paint the sidewalk.

Go on a nature walk.

Attend free outdoor concert or movies.  Most cities have websites that you can see what is available.  Here are a few if you are local.  City of Ankeny.  Des Moines area.

Go to the beach.

Make forts.  We do them inside all the time when it rains but how about outside?  Set up a tent for the day.

Do some baking.  Have your child pick the recipe and help with the baking.  We have a cookie book that the kids like to pick from.

Paint rocks.

Go for a bike ride.

Attend Farmer's Markets.

Teach and play board games.

What free activities do you do with your kids to keep them busy?

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  1. It technically isn't free, but we ask for memberships to the zoo and science center for Christmas gifts. We are lucky enough to have relatives who shower us with gifts and instead of a huge pile of toys or other things we don't really want, we get these memberships. They are good year round, but really the summer is when we get the most use out of them.

    Besides the library reading programs, many of them also offer free activities for kids during the summer, remember to check out their calendar to see what they offer. Also remember to take advantage of any programs that reward kids for "A's" on their report cards. For local people, Family Video offers free rentals and Valley West Mall has several freebies available for kids- a mechanical pencil,a churro from Taco John's, a small toy from the game store, and a chocolate mouse from Stam. Yum!