Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Shopping Trip

I made a quick run into the store tonight to use a handful of coupons that were going to expire in the next few days.  Here is what I purchased.

3 French's Mustard at $1 each.  I paid $.70 each
6 Smart Balance Butter at $2.28 each.  I paid $1.28 each
6 Colgate Toothpaste at $.97 each.  I paid $.22 each
1 Crest Toothpaste at $1.00.  I paid $.75.
6 Ball Park Franks at $2.78 each.  I paid $4.81 for 2.
1 Gain dish soap $.97.  I paid $.47

Total before coupons:  $34.31
Total after coupons:  $19.91

Remember when shopping with coupons, it is important to calculate the price per unit of the product you are wanting to purchase.  You may automatically think that using your coupon on the largest size product will give you the best deal, however this isn't always true.  For example using my $.75 Colgate coupon was certainly a better deal on the smallest size toothpaste.  I ended up only paying $.22 for 2.1 ounces of toothpaste.  I paid a lot less per ounce then if I had gotten a larger size. 

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