Sunday, June 3, 2012

U Pick Farms

My strawberry harvest is over.  We enjoyed strawberries daily from our garden for almost 3 weeks.  We ate so many that I wasn't able to put any up for the later months.  I think I got about 1 gallon preserved from our own patch.

I decided that I wanted to get a good stockpile of berries in the freezer for the upcoming months.  I use them a few times a week in smoothies.  So last week I took my 2 younger boys and we went to our favorite U-pick farm and in an hour and a half we had picked almost 40 pounds of strawberries!

Now I have a freezer full of berries!  I paid $1.98 lb.  You can get them cheaper right now in the stores since they are in season but this U-pick farm does not use pesticides or chemicals on their produce so I can feel good about what I am getting.

Blueberry and raspberry season will be here soon.  I can't wait.  Have you ever visited a U-pick farm?  To learn more about U-pick farms or to find one near you, you can visit


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  2. Hi Sara! I picked a gallon of strawberries last month and paid $8 for them. That seems high compared to Aldi. And they used some pesticides on them! I used them to make strawberry jam and strawberry pie filling. The jam tastes really good but we haven't opened the pie filling yet. If they didn't uses pesticides, I'd go back and pick some more. Blessings from Bama!

  3. We just spent our Saturday morning picking blueberries. They tasted so delicious!! We are planning to go back this Saturday to get more. We planted blueberry bushes this year and can't wait to be picking them in our own yard next year. :)

  4. Call/Email me next time! I want to go!! If you are going out there again drop me a line.. -Christel email:

  5. i think it is amazingly fun to pick fruits with kids, that is the best part of u-pick farms, no matter what the cost.