Friday, September 14, 2012

The Funny Egg

My chickens are picking up their egg production.  During the hot months of summer I wasn't getting near as many eggs but now that the weather has gotten nicer I am getting about 5-8 eggs per day again.  I have a total of 10 hens now.  2 of the 4 spring babies that we added have survived.  One escaped, never to be seen again and one was attacked by a predator.

In the last month they have started laying too.  At first I wasn't sure if the eggs I was finding were from them.  They really weren't your typical pullet egg.  The ones from my previous hens were always really small when they first started laying.  These eggs were decent size but I was finding them all over the place.  On the floor in the chicken house and out in the run.

Then finally I saw one of them actually laying on the egg.  She was sitting on the floor of the hen house.  This particular bird always lays on the floor in the corner.  The other new hen has finally realized that the nesting boxes are actually there for a reason and has been laying her egg in there most days. 

It's always interesting getting eggs each day.  Sometimes they are big, sometimes they are smaller.  Sometimes they are odd shaped.  Here is an egg I found yesterday under my new hen on the floor. 

At first I wasn't sure if it was going to be hard or not.  I could tell the shell was wrinkly and I have gotten a pullet egg before that didn't have a hard shell on it.

 I was careful to pick it up.  Once I had it in my hands I realized the shell was indeed solid. 
Pretty cool.  It's certainly one of the stranger eggs I have found.  You won't find that in eggs you get from the store! 


  1. Neat! Love hearing about your chickens :)

  2. We have recently begun getting eggs from a lady who keeps chickens. We bring her empty egg cartons and cherry tomato vines for them to eat and in return she gives us free eggs. One of her hens only lays green eggs. They are a light grayish green color other than that they are exactly the same.

  3. I was suggested to put golf balls in the places we wanted our chickens to lay the eggs...they like to lay them all together. :)