Monday, March 11, 2013

Reviewing Expenses Cable, Internet, Phone

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I have been reviewing our expenses alot lately.  Trying to find ways to cut back and cut out things we don't need.

Our contract was up with our cable, internet and phone provider.  We were paying roughly $100 a month for all three of these services.  We also subscribe to Netfix so that was an additional $15 each month.  Once our contract was up our monthly bill jumped to $230 per month for phone, cable and internet.

My husband made some calls and our current company was not able to give us any better rate for at least 3 months.  When we called the competitor they weren't able to give us a price that we liked for cable.  My husband and I decided that we really didn't need to continue with cable especially at the price we were given.

So in the end we cut out cable and lowered our bill by about $20 ($150 if we stuck with the new rates.) My point in telling you this is because it might be worth researching your options if you pay for any of these services.  Package deals aren't always the best option.  Just getting the "basics" of each item may be the way to go.

Don't pay for services you don't need.  For internet, research the best speed for what you are using it for.  If you simply check email and browse the web you may not need to pay for that "lightening fast" connection.

As far as phone service do you really need caller ID and long distance?  If you have a cellphone you are paying for as well maybe getting just a  barebone landline is the best option.  If nothing else it can't hurt to call your local company and see what the best options are for you.


  1. Yup - we don't have to be victims of these providers. We got rid of our landline several years ago (we have cellphones & never used the landline). We haven't had cable in decades (we don't watch TV - we get videos from the library sometimes). And, guess what? Not only do we have more money, but we also enjoy life a lot more : )

  2. reminds me of matt -- he had a pay as you use landline during college. wonder if that is still offered.

  3. We keep our landline because my husband talks to his family in Cameroon and that's the cheapest way to go. People always say use Skype but it is not easy for those living in Africa. As far as cable is concerned, the shows I enjoy are not on basic and can't be easily found. I like the History channel, National Geo, the Science channel.