Saturday, February 28, 2015

Paying Off Debt

I am so happy to announce that we have finally gotten our credit card debt payed off!  We got our income tax refund back and we put the majority of it to our credit card.  It feels really good to not have to worry about that anymore.  We also got some medical bills paid.

It was tough.  We really wanted to go out and get or do something fun.  However, paying off those lingering bills feels so much better than any new gadget or fancy dinner!

Now our focus is on SAVING money.  We would love some day to move and buy some land out in the country.  It won't be anytime soon.  We have a LONG way to go, but it's a dream both me and my husband share.

I'm trying to find some new ways to earn and save some money. I'm planning on doing an eat from the pantry challenge in April.  I'll be planting more vegetables this year in hopes to put up a lot more food for the winter months.  All of these things I plan to share with you.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions I am always interested.


  1. Congrats! We paid off a big loan with our refund as well - feels so good!

  2. Hi Sara! Congratulations on achieving your goals! I love your frugal posts! I look forward to reading about your upcoming challenge. Also, what you will be planting in your garden. I hope my garden will be even more productive than last year! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!