Wednesday, August 10, 2016


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My husband is home on vacation this week.  We wanted to save some money so we opted to stay home and have a staycation as opposed to traveling someplace.  We sat down as a family and planned out our week, adding in appointments when necessary.  We scheduled an event for each day of the week.  We wrote it on a large piece of paper and taped it to the wall.
Some of the things on our list to do this week are going on a family bike ride, boating and fishing, going to a movie, going to an arcade, attending the Iowa State Fair, and having a beach day!  Most of these will cost us very little if any money but we are still spending time together and making memories.

Here are some other ideas for a stay-cation.

Go to your local zoo.
Go to a park and have a picnic.
Go for a hike.
Hit up a museum or historical attraction.
Go to the pool or beach.
Go to a sporting event.
Spend some time at the library.

There is plenty of things you can do to get the family together and have some fun without all the costs of a vacation!

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