Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

It is time again for the weekly wrap up. This week was crazy for us. My brain isn't quite functioning but here is a list of the frugal things I did this week, at least what I can think of.

*Did the usual washing all clothes in cold water and full loads, with the exception of towels and socks.
* Kept the heating cycle off on the dishwasher.
*Kept heat at 67 during the day and even turned it off 1 day this week.
*Had 2 days where I stayed home.
*I bought cloth napkins at Target for .31 each! This is a great price and now I am officially done with paper napkins. I really like them!
*I resisted the urge to buy lots of "extras" while shopping this week. I pretty much stuck to my list, and picked up what I thought were good deals.
*Hubby filled out rebates and sent them in for our computer totaling $55.
*Sent in WG rebate for free shampoo.
*As always, I signed up for lots of freebies.
*And the best thing. I transferred almost all our tax return over to savings.

How did you do? Stop over at Getting Ahead to see what others have done to be frugal this week.


  1. Hi Sara, great post - I'm afraid to do our taxes - I have that on my to do for next week - gulp. I still havent quite got this right and I either have to pay or get something back. I hope it is the latter but we will see. Doesn't it feel great to move that to savings. I had a big sigh of relief knowing that we have that in savings for an emergency fund.
    I'm contemplating the cloth napkins also - I have to convert Bear to the idea.

  2. Wow, great deals on the cloth napkins. I love Target for clearence.

  3. That is a great price on the cloth napkins! Thanks for participating. Plus great job on the putting the tax return in savings, we did the same thing and it is so tempting to spend some of it.