Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies and Sleepless Nights

Under my sink is where I keep all my cleaning supplies. It was such a pain to shove bottles all around looking for a certain cleaner. I fixed that problem by putting all my cleaners into this dishpan. I have one under my kitchen sink and both bathroom sinks. Now, when I need to look for something I pull out the dishpan, grab it and push it back into the cupboard! Works for me!


Ok, now that I have fully read the Works for Me Wednesday post it looks like instead of giving a helpful tip, I am suppose to give you my dilemma and ask for any suggestions. This is the backwards edition of Works for Me! Once I read this I immediately knew what I wanted to ask.

How do you get a 2 year old to stay in his bed and go to sleep? My youngest has a terrible time sleeping at night. He always has. He always wants to be with me or daddy. As cute as it is, sometimes I really want him to just go to bed! We always do a routine each night. Jammies, brushing teeth and read a book. I put him down at 7:30pm and it usually isn't until at least 9pm before he falls asleep. When he does finally fall asleep he is usually in the hallway, our bedroom or laying in front of the door to his room. This picture was taken of him falling asleep on the kitchen floor! Any suggestions for helping him fall asleep and staying in his bed beside Benedryl?

To see what works for others or what dilemmas others are having visit We are That Family,.


  1. I so know your pain! We've one child that really fought us on the whole staying in bed, going to sleep bedtime thing. We finally (when she was nearing 3) made a stamp chart for her. Every night staying in bed earned her a stamp (which she loved to do herself, she thought it was cool).

    Once she earned the set amount she got to have her reward, her choice was Red Robin with the whole family (grandparents, aunts and uncles-everyone!) And we celebrated big time! We made a huge deal out of it and she was so proud of herself. We kept the goal easy and attainable, so she could have gotten there in two weeks. It took her about three-but it was worth it. I can't say it cured her but it sure turned things around!

    Hope that helps!

    (oh, does he nap? If so, maybe it's time to be done so that he's really tired at 7:30, we had to do this with her as well)

  2. Wait it out....our oldest did this for a while and finally just learned to stay in his bed all nite. He's now 4 1/2 and stays in bed all nite. Our 3 year old still does this sometimes. I figure by the time they are 18, they'll figure out where to sleep and by then, I'll wish they were still on the kitchen floor! LOL!

  3. I like the wait it out theory, although, I have to tell you, my daughter was 11 before she would fall asleep in her bed without one of us laying with her until she was sound asleep. It was very frustrating and I tried every piece of advice I could find from the time she was an infant and nothing worked.
    Finally, we started allowing her dog to sleep in her bed and that was the end of it! Unfortunately, that's probably not an answer for everyone.

  4. Perhaps push his bedtime to a little later. That seemed to help our problem. And a reward never hurt either! Good luck!

  5. When T went through this a year or so ago it was more of a in and out of the room thing for drinks, scared of something, wanting to sleep with us, etc. We did the "silent return to bed" routine. There is more info on it here:


    It requires CONSISTENCY and PATIENCE on the parents' part for several nights in a row, but it worked awesome for us. You basically just have to NOT give them the OPTION of sleeping anywhere else but in their bed by continuing to put them back into their bed without speaking or reacting AT ALL. You take the control away from them.

    Once that started working, a positive award chart helped to reinforce his progress so he could see that he was doing a great thing by staying in bed at bedtime and all night long.

    You can call me later if you have questions or want more details if this doesn't make sense.

  6. I agree with the nap suggestion. Our two year old would not go to sleep at night before 10:00. We stopped giving her a nap, and started putting her to bed early. It was hard for her to stay awake in the afternoons at first, but overall she was better off!

  7. We didn't move our firstborn out of the crib until he was 2.5 (he's the controlling type and I anticipated a problem if he had control of getting into and out of bed earlier). When it finally became an issue of "he needs to get out of bed to use the potty on his own," then we decided he could move to a toddler bed. Is it too late to move him back to a crib?