Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pretty Sweet Walmart Trip

I was out on Sunday running some errands and needed to run into Wal-Mart for a few groceries. I decided to check out the boys clothes to see if there was anything on clearance. It was a good thing I decided to check because I hit the jackpot!

I started looking through one rack that read $3 on the sign. As I was looking this employee was scanning items on the rack next to me. She said "ma'am I am going to be marking all these racks to $3 so if you find something make sure I have it marked". I was stoked. There was 4 racks of clothes to go through. Here is what I ended up getting.

Jake will need all new Winter clothes next year, so for him alone I got 2 pairs of pants, and 8 shirts. 2 of the shirts are dressier shirts and have T-shirts underneath them. Then I got a pair of 5T Winter jammies for Bro to wear next Winter and a 4T hoody and sweatpants for Drew for next year. Then I got some misc. T-shirts with a bonus toy attached. I even got a new dress shirt with tie for Tony. I got 17 pieces of clothing and 3 toys for $45! Most of the clothes were marked $10 originally so I saved about $125 or 70%.

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