Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning Part 2

I have all my list for the kitchen completed with the exception of the trash and recycle containers. I am saving that for a day I can get the hose out and scrub them.

Now, it is onto the dining room. For this room my lists consists of:

*Cleaning and organizing the craft cupboard.
*Wiping down the walls and registers.
*Wiping down the table and chairs.
*Cleaning the window pane and window.
*Scrub the floor.
*Clean the chandalier.

Here is the before picture. Don't you love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blanket? We have that up over our door. We get a really bad draft. It is a terrible eye sore but what do you do?How are you doing with your Spring Cleaning?


  1. Where does your draft come through? If it is through the bottom, you could make a door snake.

    We are still a few weeks off of our spring cleaning, which is giving me more time to make a really long list of stuff.

  2. Your spring cleaning list has just inspired me to create one, also. I usually have no rhyme or reason to my cleaning, but now I'll be organized. I love your site :)

  3. Cam,
    I do have a door snake! I made one this past Winter. It really helps. My draft comes through all the way around, but especially at the bottom. We just really need to replace it. For now, the turtles will just have to stay. (I wanted to take it down, but hubby said no.)

  4. When we lived in our old apartment, we had a quarter inch gap between our door and the floor. I could not believe how great a door snake is. We were also able to buy some door insulation that attached to the door jam. It took a little more effort to get the door closed, but it sealed it up nicely.

    The old apartment also had 3 sliding glass doors (it was a 2 bedroom), which we covered with blankets to make a layer of insulation.

  5. This year we used that clear plastic film that you buy at the hardware store to stop our winter drafts. It was AMAZING! Our gas (heat) bills were about 30% less!
    I wish I knew how much that stuff cost (hubby bought it) but I'm sure it payed for itself several times over. Best thing it doesn't block the light and you can't even tell it's there.
    I'm jealous your spring cleaning is going so well! i haven't even started.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :-)

  6. Hi Sara! Thanks for coming by.

    I don't do spring cleaning. I have one or two projects a month I work on. That keeps me from getting overwhelmed with doing everything in one month. This month was deep cleaning bathrooms and planting seeds. Cleaning the bathroom is my LEAST favorite job, so I'm glad that's over. :)