Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Weekly Shopping Trip

Now while I don't always rush home and take pictures from my shopping trip, this week I was really excited with the deals I got. So I came right home and took everything out and snapped a few picks before I put it all away.

Let me just tell you that I didn't really need a whole lot of groceries this week. This was basically a stock up week for me. Here is my loot.

First Stop...Walgreens

I paid $13.65 and got back $4.00 in RR
1st transaction...

3 Suave Hairsprays 3/$5
Walgreens Pantiliners Reg. $6.29 clearanced for $1.29
Walgreens Tampons Reg. $6.79 clearance for $1.79
3M Packing Tape 3@1.50 each = $4.50
Remembrandt Toothpaste $5.99

Total before coupons and clearance...$28.57

- In ad coupon for Tape - $1.53 making them $.99 each
- $3 coupon for Remembrandt in my binder, not sure where it came from.
- $1.75/3 for Suave products (which I just realized was rang up twice)

Total...after coupons and clearance $11.56 with tax
Received $6 RR from toothpaste and a $2 RR from Suave

2nd transaction...

3 Suave Hairsprays 3/$5.00
Walgreens Tampons x2 Reg $6.79 on clearance for $1.79

Total before coupons and clearance...$18.58

-$6.00 RR
-$1.00 Suave coupon

Total after coupons, RR and clearance...$2.09
and received a $2 RR from the Suave

Second Stop...Target

I paid $5.87

(4) Target Baby Body Wash $1.19 each
(4) Axe Body Wash Trial Size $.99 each
(4) Band Aids $1.89 each
(1) Neosprin Reg 3.99 on clearance for $2.78
(3) Bread $1.19 each
Granny Smith Apples 1.05 lb $1.04

Total before coupons...$23.59

- (4) $.75 Target Body Wash
-(4) $1.00 Axe Body Wash
- (4) $1.00 Band Aid
- $1.00 Neosporin
- $1.00 off 1 lb Target Apples

Total after coupons...$10.87 with tax I had a $5 gift card so I paid $5.87.

Third Stop...Kohl's
I just stopped to pay my bill but decided to check out the clearance rack in the boys department.

I paid $5.30A jacket for my oldest son at 90% off!Fourth and Final Stop...Wal-Mart

I paid $24.69(3) Ragu was $1.72 Rollback $.98 each
(6) Old Orchard Juice $1.64
(2) Grape Jelly $1.33
(4) Capri Sun was $1.97 Rollback to $1.78
(1) French's Mustard $1.00
(1) Nestle Chocolate Chip $2.26
(1) Mission Totilla $1.92
(1) Child Safety Lock $2.50
(2) 2 lb bag of rice $1.82

Total before coupons and Rollbacks...$36.86

-(3) $.30 Ragu
- $3.90 price match to Hy-Vee ad for juice at $.99 each
-(4)$1.00 Capri Sun
-$.50 French's Mustard
-$.75 Nestle Morsels
-$.55 Mission Tortilla
-$1.82 B1G1 Free rice coupon

Total after coupons and Rollbacks...$24.69 with tax

Total before all discounts...$154.61
Total after all discounts...$49.51 including tax, also have a $4 RR
Total savings for the day...$105.10

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  1. Wow, what time is you get home? You are a power shopper, AND you know what you're doing! Way to go! Anita

  2. I just went out to Kohls not too long ago, and I got some great deals on pajamas for my boys.

    Looks like you got some great deals!

  3. I did power shop! I got home at 10:15pm!

    Sometimes I do really good at Kohl's! I have like $70 in gift cards left from Christmas. I have just been picking things up for cheap here and there!

  4. You did really good. I love kohls and their clearance sales.

  5. I need to get out and look more! You always find the best prices.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  6. You use a lot of prepackaged foods - I wonder how much more you'd save and how much healthier you'd be eating if you cooked more from scratch?

  7. We actually eat very healthy and I make lots of food from scratch. Not sure what you see above that is considered to be "a lot of prepackaged food". But I am very happy with the savings I had this week since I was already well stocked on fruits and veggies.

  8. Way to go! I love 90% off at Kohls :) I just went a couple days ago and got three articles of clothing for $4.70. (including a pair of pants for under five bucks, a sweater for next winter for two bucks). It totaled $14.70 but I had a coupon for ten free dollars :)