Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update on our No Spend Month

April is a no spend month for us. Or at least a low spend month. We are not buying anything that isn't necessary. For our groceries we are trying to eat as much as we can out of the pantry and freezer. So far we are doing great. I have stuck with my meal plan so far for the week! The kids really wanted to go out to dinner last night for family night, but then they decided pancakes sounded really good too.

I haven't bought anything so far this month other than essentials. I spend $18.36 on groceries the other day and came home with:

3 loaves of bread
1 gallon of milk
1 package of cream cheese
4 Mini Artisan loaves free
6 Vitamin waters free
3 lbs of bananas
6 frozen meals (hubby's lunches for work)
2 dozen eggs

Other than maybe getting 1 more gallon of milk for the weekend, we shouldn't need anything until my shopping trip next week. And then hopefully all we will need is produce and dairy again. I should take that back I do need to run in and get some Easter candy to fill our eggs.

Yesterday we put our compost bin together. Hubbys drill doesn't work anymore and he has been really good about not rushing in to buy another one. Also, I broke my crock pot a couple weeks ago and thankfully my step mother let me have an old one of hers so that I could cook my dinner tonight! These are the types of things that we would typically just run out and buy. Now since becoming more aware of what we are spending our money on, we have learned to adjust and think about it before we rush out and spend the money. It isn't that we couldn't afford to go buy a brand new crock pot, its just why spend the money if we don't have to? By waiting a little while maybe we will find these things on sale somewhere, or at a garage sale or thrift store.

I think it is good to have a no spend month every couple months. It really makes you aware of where your money has been going. It is a great way to jump start your savings account or pay off a debt.

How about you? Do you ever have a no spend or low spend month?


  1. We're trying a no spend month this month as well but its not going well. I can't seem to keep my food bill down, I use coupons and shop at the commissary (military grocery store) but just can't get our weekly bill below $100.00. We have been doing well with not going out for dinner and spending a ton of money on "fun" activities instead we've found free or inexpensive things to do. Leene

  2. Ach!!! I forgot to send my extra crockpot home with you last weekend! So, when Anita's quits working you can have this one and that will take you a little further. I can't believe I forgot to send it with you...

    Mom B

  3. Hi Leene,
    You can save a lot of money just by cutting back on eating out. I know that has really helped my family. It is so expensive to eat out! Just keep working on the grocery budget, you'll get it down eventually! And if you are saving lots of money by cutting back your entertainment it makes the grocery thing not quite as bad!

  4. No biggie Mom, I am over it! ;) I forgot too.

  5. Awesome for sticking with it! I need to try it sometime... my stockpiles are full, so I know I could.. Just have to want to! :)