Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

The week is over and it is finally Friday! The weather here has been rainy all week so I am ready for some sunshine! I have been in a funk all week so I don't feel like I did anything that really stands out for me as far as being frugal. Here are a few things I can think of.

~Packed a picnic lunch for Tony's ball game on Tuesday night as well as a picnic lunch today when we visited the Science Center. That saved me from buying any concessions. (OK, at Tony's game we did buy a little snack.) But no big bucks were spent.
~I did have a really great night shopping on Tuesday. I saved over $100!
~I washed all my clothes in cold water and turned the heat cycle off the dishwasher.
~Still using and loving my cloth napkins.
~Our heat has been off now all week! I think we turned it on one morning for a couple hours to bring the temp back up to 65. I love this time of the year!
~I did get my coupon binder all cleaned out and organized today as well as getting almost all my inserts cut and filed! I have SO MANY coupons that I am having a coupon giveaway!

I did go over budget for our groceries this month. I have a very good stock pile in my pantry as well as my freezer and tons of free samples just laying around. So for the month of May I have decided to have an Eat From the Pantry Challenge. I plan to cut my grocery bill in half and try and use up what we have. Feel free to join me!

To see what others have done this week to be frugal check out Jennifer at Getting Ahead.


  1. I can't wait to follow your eat from the pantry challenge. I plan on doing one for June, but with family coming for a week in May, I will need all my grocery budget to cover that. Way to go on packing a picnic. Once is fun, but when you have to do it several times a week (baseball season for us too) it gets harder and harder to stick to the plan.

  2. i've been doing a pantry challenge for months-it's amazing how creative meals can get, and how simple it makes things-not to mention the money saved!

    cloth napkins? i really need to try that!

  3. I think I'll join you this month on the pantry challenge. I need to clean things out a bit for the summer produce from the garden that I hope we have in abundance!

  4. I also love this time of year - we went for days without running either the heat or the air!

    I love seeing how creative people can be when they eat from their pantries!

  5. looked at your footer -- when did dh grow such a long neck?

  6. just noticed my etsy in your sidebar. Thank you!