Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kraft Coupons

Remember if you haven't yet, sign up with Kraft to get some GREAT coupons to print. There are some awesome deals to be had with these coupons. Some of the coupons include...

  • $1.00 off Kraft Mayo
  • $1.00 off Kraft Miracle Whip (combine with the Target coupon)
  • $1.00 off Honey Maid Grahams
  • $1.00 off Ritz Crackers
  • $1.00 off Kraft BBQ Sauce
  • $1.00 off Wheat Thins
  • $1.00 off Kraft dressing (combine with the Target coupon)
Go here now to sign up!! These coupons are too great to pass up!


  1. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I got the coupons in the mail! WOW! There were WAY more than I was expecting! I'm planning to pass on a bunch of them to my mom's group because there's no way I'd be able to use them all.

    Hey, I have a dumb question! If I have multiple spaghetti sauce coupons, can I buy multiple jars of sauce and use multiple coupons?? I'm totally new at this whole coupon'ing thing! Toss me an email and let me know! aria19@hotmail.com

    Thanks again! You rock!

  2. Yep, you can use 1 coupon per item. I sent you an email ;)