Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

Friday brings another edition of the Weekly Wrap Up over at Getting Ahead. Here is what I did this week to be frugal.

~Used my rain barrel to water my garden and flowers.
~We stuck to our meal plan all but one night, when we splurged and got McDonald's.
~Had the heat/air off all week with the exception of about 4 hours one night when it was 60 in the house and I couldn't get warm.

I did my usual washing in cold water, using cloth napkins, turning the heat cycle off the dishwasher.

I feel like my family has really started to slack in the energy area. Lights, radios and TV are being left on, my laundry has been ridiculous. They are throwing clothes in the laundry that I know aren't dirty. They have been using multiple cups and towels. It has been driving me crazy. I have to think of some strategy to get them all back on the frugal wagon. Maybe we should have another "30 Days of Nothing". That might get them back in the mood!

How did your week go? Check out Jennifer's blog to see what others did this week to be frugal.

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