Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eat From the Pantry Challenge Update~Week 3

Well, here we are ending the third week of my pantry challenge. My goal is to spend $250 or less on groceries for the month. This includes everything, diapers, cat liter, shampoo etc. So far I am still on track. I did spend a little more this week than I did the last 2 weeks combined. I went Tuesday and did my weekly shopping spending about $70. I made another run to Hy-Vee tonight and got...

6 boxes of cereal = $12
4 packages of hotdogs $3.96
1 lb of cheese $2.99
Toilet Paper $5.99

My total before coupons was $24.94
After coupons was $14.95

So for the week I spent $85. Leaving me with $95 left for the month. I don't think I should have a problem staying under budget. I feel like I haven't used a whole ton out of my pantry. Maybe I will have to carry this challenge over to the next month. I guess this means I have way more than I thought I did.

I have been also thinking about doing another 30 Days of Nothing challenge. Anyone interested in participating? Feel free to read my post here about this challenge that my family did in January. It may be a little more difficult to do it now with Summer staring and all the kids being home but I might give it a try anyway, we'll see. We are getting ready to drain our savings for a car and I am really feeling the urge to cut way back and skimp as much as possible. Let me know your thoughts and if you would be interested in joining in.

How did you do this week on the pantry challenge? Leave a link to your post below. Link back to my page so others can see how your doing!


  1. I think July would be a good month for the nothing challenge because of garden produce.

  2. I'd consider doing the 30 days challenge but I'm torn on doing it in the summer with us camping so much. I would like to get started canning and be better about freezing and preserving this year to get us through the rest of the year with more produce. So I'm thinking winter would be a good time for it too.