Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've Ordered My Seeds!

Even though we have like 17" of snow on the ground I am dreaming of Spring. I just placed my order for garden seeds the other day. I ordered through Seed Savers Exchange. You can request a catalog here. This is my first time ordering through them. I like the variety they offer and have heard very good things about them. Here is what I ordered.

Amish Snap Peas
American Spinach
Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce
Crisp Mint Lettuce
Japanese Climbing Cucumbers

These are the only things I will sow directly into the ground. Everything else I like to buy as transplants so I will be visiting my local greenhouse when the time is right to purchase the rest of the items for my garden.

I am looking forward to getting outside and digging in the dirt!


  1. Martha Stewart loves Seed Savers Exchange:

  2. I ordered my seeds from there a few weeks ago. They are just waiting for warmer weather. How is the chicken coop coming?

  3. Hi Sara! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I subscribed to yours and will be visiting regularly. :)

  4. Tracy,
    That is so cool! How crazy she gets her seeds there, of all the places!

    The chicken coop still looks great on paper! We still have way too much snow on the ground to even begin building yet. I just hope it's built before the chicks arrive at the end of March!

    Iowa Mom,
    Hey! Welcome to my blog!