Friday, August 13, 2010

Fresh Eggs

Remember I said we got our first egg from our chickens the other day?? Well here it is above next to a regular egg. See how little it is? The kids were actually excited to eat the egg from the chickens. I thought they may be a little weirded out but they thought it was pretty neat.

I found an egg a day for 3 days. Now it has been 5 days and nothing. I am not real sure on their laying habits at the very beginning so I need to do a little research. Anyone know off hand how frequent they lay in the beginning? It has been incredibly hot this week, like 95+ each day. I am guessing this could be one of the reasons for no eggs. Any suggestions?


  1. Our local CSA farmer Carol told us that she has no eggs for us because the hens go on an egg "strike" when it's too hot. Maybe that's all it is???

  2. Hay girl a couple ideas. Give them lettuce and or frozen mixed veggies. A saucer of water to dip their feet in. The heat is real hard on them.
    I got some oyster shell at the feed store.
    Save your egg shells washed dried and grind to powder in a food processor. Add some oat meal to it. We save all the heals of bread off the loaf and grind that with the egg.
    They love it!

  3. So cute! Our first eggs should be coming in September.

  4. Look at that egg! The first thing I noticed was the orange yolk. We raised peeps this Spring. When they were too large for a bin in our laundry room, we gave them to friends that have a farm. They are now free range hens (and one rooster... surprise!)

    Our farmer friends gave us a dozen eggs from their more mature hens and they were amazing! The best eggs I've ever had, but the yolks were orange... so much so that they turned our pancakes a bit orange - the boys thought it was really cool!

  5. Donetta,
    Thanks for the advise. I have been giving them lettuce as well as tomatoes from the garden almost daily. They also love bread! I probably need to slow down a bit on all the treats. I keep 2 waterers out there during this heat. One in the house and one in the run.

    Jennifer, The egg yolks are really dark!
    Hope next week maybe I will see some more eggs. Looks like the humidity will be lower and the temps more reasonable.