Sunday, October 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Here is what is on the menu for the week.

Monday...Leftovers *what a great way to start the week eh?


Wednesday...Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn and fruit.

Thursday...Tacos and fruit.

Friday...Last football game, eating at the field.

Pretty boring week for us. What about you anything good on the menu this week?


  1. Sounds yummy! We are having chili this week too, but I am taking the easy way out...I have a container I froze last month. :)

    If I write "leftovers" down for a day we NEVER have them, so I play it by ear. Happened just last week! I assumed I would have tons of leftovers and guess what...none! Do you ever have this problem? I fell like I am getting mad at my husband for eating all of them in his lunches. *L*

  2. I made speghetti sauce Friday and Sunday I made bbq pork.
    Mon - Frozen chicken patties & pasta
    Tues - BBQ pork, beans and melon
    Weds. Pasta with Sauce
    Thurs - Salmon patties & Veggie
    Fri - left over whatever!

  3. Salmon patties!Yum! With either mac & cheese or fried taters...and peas of course!

  4. All About Us...yeah we are loaded with leftovers from over the weekend. Sometimes I put leftovers on the menu plan only to not have anything leftover! Then I have to scramble to put something together.'s nice to have made things ahead of time. Cuts your cooking time down. I have been make double batches of meals so that I can freeze one for later. Saves alot of time.