Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Homemade Cake

My son celebrated his 5th birthday a couple weeks ago. Baking our own cakes is a great way to save a little money on birthdays. You figure a store bought cake will cost you around $15 or so. This homemade cake cost me about $2. While frugal, it has also become a fun tradition and the kids look forward to their cakes each year.

His cake request was a teddy bear with a blue shirt (his favorite color) and chocolate chip eyes and nose. Here is what I came up with.I checked out the cake tin from the library and then just used chocolate frosting for most of it. The blue was done in vanilla frosting colored with dye. He was very pleased!


  1. I always baked my kids birthday cake. Deocrated it with whatever they were into at the time. It was a different time then but i happen to like the old tradition.

  2. From the library?!? That is a great frugal resource! Very cute cake!

  3. Cake tins at your library? How COOL is that! I hate that they are so expensive and you only use them once - twice if you're lucky. I had one that was a fire truck one year and a dump truck the next.

    Adorable teddy bear, btw!

  4. hoorah for you and brodie! h.b. to you today