Saturday, January 15, 2011

Local Area Bloggers and Twitter

I had a great morning spending time with some local area bloggers. I met up with

Julia at Des Moines Frugal Family Examiner and
Julia at Confessions of a Frugal Mind
and Kimberly at Frugal Playground

We met at Panera and I was happy with myself for not buying anything! Even though my sisters drink looked really yummy.

We discussed lots of topics and even came up with a few new ideas for our blogs. Stayed tuned!

Also, I decided to join Twitter. I have no idea what I am doing yet but we will see what happens! Come follow me #FrugalLearning


  1. I enjoyed meeting all of you today! Thanks for the follow!

  2. Fun to see you!! We're all crazy for being bloggers, I love it! :) Working on getting my Iowa blogroll up, yay!

  3. I lovr blogger meet-ups although I've only been to one!