Friday, January 14, 2011

30 Days of Nothing Day 14

I finally went into a store yesterday. Actually 2. We hit up Target for a couple birthday gifts. I also decided to get some lettuce and bananas. Hubby was needing a 2 liter of Mt. Dew and we needed juice for our youngest son. He was just put on some medicine and we needed to mix it with juice for him to take it. Total spent on groceries was $7.94.

I had my first real urges to spend yesterday. There was sale signs everywhere. We had our little boy with us and he wanted to roam through the toy section. While browsing I came across some toys that were 75% off. It was a little tough to pass a couple things up, knowing that they might make good gifts for later. However after thinking about it I knew we didn't really need them. And the kids interests may change before we want to give it to them.

We have stuck to the meal plan perfectly the last couple weeks. Wednesday we were to have dinner with my grandparents. One of my boys started running a fever so we stayed home and they brought dinner to us, along with another gallon of milk! Can't beat that. I will need to buy some yogurt and maybe some fresh fruit here in the next couple days.

Other than the gifts we bought and the few groceries, I haven't spent money on anything that wasn't a necessity. Someone wrote for my gift giving I could make dishclothes or cross stitch something. I need to add those things to my list of things to learn!


  1. You are lucking out on the free milk! You'd have spent 1/2 of your money by now if you bought it yourself. I just came across my cross stitch materials from WAY back in the day when I used to do it more. I could teach you sometime if you're interested.

  2. wow, I don't know anyone that would bring me free milk. When I went to Target this week I refused to go look at the clearance sections. Just made it in and out as fast as possible. Worked well for me that day.

  3. Half way there. Keep up the good work. I'm following about 5 other bloggers that are doing this same challenge, I honestly dont think I could do it.