Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Summer Harvest

The other night our dinner consisted of stuffed peppers, peaches, pears and corn.

The peppers came from our own garden, as did the tomatoes that were used in the recipe. The ground beef that filled them was grown locally. At the end of the summer I had a huge supply of peppers so I made up a big batch of stuffed peppers. They are super easy to make, freeze and then just pull out when you want an easy meal.

The corn was also grown locally and was canned this past summer with my family. The peaches and pears, though not from my own trees, were grown organically. I bought them when they were in season at a good price and canned them this past fall.

I feel good knowing that I am supplying my family with healthy, locally grown food. I love being able to enjoy summers harvest during the long cold winter months. It makes all the work worth it.

Linked to Simple Lives Thursday at A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa.


  1. I never knew you could freeze stuffed peppers. Great idea! I especially like the local food angle. My family is involved in a challenge to allocate $10/week from the food budget toward local food. We have chosen to buy milk from our local dairy/creamery. It is oh so delicious. I can't wait to make yogurt from it.

  2. I agree... I love it when I feed my family a meal that consists of healthy food, including stuff grown at our place. Just makes me feel "special" somehow (and lucky).

  3. Isn't it fun to look at your plate and know where each ingredient came from? I love telling my husband the origin of each part of the food he is eating for dinner, haha! Found you through Simple Lives.

  4. I had to click on your link from the Simple LIves THursday because you have the same dishes that I do! We are eating mainly food that we've frozen/canned from the latter part of 2010... I wish I had gotten some green peppers, but I live way up north close to Canada and we didn't get them in soon enough (moved into the area late). I haven't thought about preserving gr. peppers like that. Maybe next year!

  5. Megan-how funny we have the same dishes!!

    Jill and Ruth, I agree, I love knowing where my food comes from and I feel especially good when it is from my own backyard!