Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sick Hen

As you may have read I lost my first hen last weekend. It was a huge bummer for me and the kids. They seem to be doing so well.

Sunday I discovered another hen was lethargic, her comb was pale and she just stood alone away from the flock. I immediately separated her and have had her in my basement for the last 3 days.
She hasn't been eating or drinking well and basically just sits. I have been keeping her in a plastic tote so granted she doesn't have a lot of room to roam. Yesterday I was encouraged because when the kids and I took the screen off she actually jumped up on the side of the tote. Since the weather was nice (45 degrees) I decided to take her outside to see what she would do. (healthy hen, see the blood red comb?) (sick hen)
You can see from the pictures above how pale her comb is compared to the other Barred Rock Hen.

I threw some peanuts out on the ground for the other birds who were ecstatic and happily ate them up. The sick hen just stood there not sure what to do. It was so sad. Eventually she hopped up on the deck and just stood in the corner. I decided to take her back inside where she would be warm.

I offered her yogurt and spinach just to see if she would eat. She wasn't interested so I actually took some yogurt and wiped it on her beak and she did chew a bit on that, but not much.

I posted pictures of her on a forum I belong too. Someone suggested she may have worms. That freaks me out. It can cause anemia which can make the waddle and comb appear pale. I will be doing some research on this and possibly treating the flock. I will keep updating.


  1. OMGosh, good luck with this little hen. Makes me so sad for you!

  2. Your poor "Little Red Hen". It makes me want to hold her and make her feel loved (I'm sure she would hate that.) Please keep us posted, hopefully with good news. I believe God watches over all creations and cares for them so I will keep your hen in my prayers.

  3. Poor baby. Would a vet be able to give you any advice? Even though she's pale she still looks pretty.

  4. The first hen I lost was a barred rock, too. Do you put down salt or any type of chemical ice melt? I think that was what made mine sick.