Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday and Cakes

Today is my oldest son's birthday. He is 15. I have his cake in the oven and I am going to try and make the wilton butter cream frosting recipe.

I make the kids cake for each of their birthdays. I try and do a theme that they are interested in at the present time. 15 is a hard age though. Last year I did an x-box controller and the year before that I did an mp3 player. He is still into both but I don't want to repeat.

He is also into anything that has to do with the army. It may look gross but I have decided to do a camouflage cake. I will post pictures once it's done.


  1. I think that is sweet, i used to do that same thing years ago. My daugther-in-law makes my granchildren's cakes also. Not many do this any more, just go out and buy them.

  2. I have always used that exact recipe but I've recently found one that doesn't call for shortening. Let me know if you want to try it. It is YUMMY!

  3. My son did an army themed cake for his scout troop. Ugly color icing, but it turned out really cute in the end.