Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Chicks

Here are the new babies. We added 4 new Barred Plymouth Rock chicks to our house. The kids are enjoying having babies again in the garage! These ones are about a week old I am guessing since some of the fuzziness on the wings have turned into feathers.They will stay in the garage for the next couple months before we try and move them outside. I have a plan to get them mixed into our existing flock. Remember the chicken tractor my husband made me last year? Well I am going to keep the new hens in there next to the chicken coop for a couple weeks. Then I will eventually add the new birds in. Hoping it works out ok and I don't start any hen fights!

I'll keep you posted on how they do.

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  1. Oh do keep us posted on how that works as we will need to introduce our new chicks to our other hens as well at some point :)