Monday, March 14, 2011

Frugal Tuesday Tip Week 8

What is the Frugal Tuesday Tip?

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  1. Here's a big frugal tidbit for families with little ones in diapers! I didn't even realize these were still out there until I was pregnant with my sixth child two years ago! Apparently, cloth diapers have made a big, modern, wonderful come-back! I say "come-back" because after cloth-diapering my two baby sisters in the late '80s, I would want nothing to do with it again! So I happily diapered my first five children with the cheapest disposable diapers money could buy (thanks to a combo of store brands, coupons, and great deals from time to time!). But as it happens, cloth diapering today is not only totally chic, adorable, and very green (I'm only crispy myself, but it's very appealing to my crunchier friends!), it's also much CHEAPER than disposable! Even if you could get every single disposable diaper you buy for $.09 (may happen with the smaller sizes, but good luck getting size 4 and 5 at that price) AND only use 5 diapers every day AND potty train your little one the day he turns 2, you will spend $325.80 on disposable diapers. I could cloth diaper my little one from birth to 35 lbs. for $100 with Econobum by Cotton Babies, and maybe even cheaper other places. Of course there are more expensive options for cloth (and they're slightly more convenient) as there are for disposable, but when you also factor in the idea of having a second child and using the diapers AGAIN, you're talking even more savings! It's a huge frugal tip I wish I'd discovered 13 years ago with my first baby! Hope this helps someone out there rediscover the great benefits of cloth diapering!