Friday, April 8, 2011

Garden Plans

Here is the layout of my 2011 garden. Isn't it pretty? (Thanks mom!) I have put all my ideas on paper and plan to plant according to this sheet. It is a little difficult to see (you can click on the picture to enlarge it) so I will walk you though my ideas.

On the far right side is my strawberry bed. This is all boxed in and the plants are already greening up and looking good. Working your way left next to the strawberries are peas and greenbeans. We have put up a row of fence here for the peas and beans to climb up. This will be my first year planting beans.

Then we have a row of onions, then lettuce and spinach, then a row of carrots. Also the first year for carrots. The next row will be an assortment of bell peppers and maybe some hot peppers for my husband. The we have a row of tomatoes. Along the outside I will have acorn squash, cucumbers and zucchini. Along the bottom edge I will have potatoes (first year for those) and cantaloupe.

I will be planting sugar pumpkins behind my shed and I have a few containers on the deck that will also hold lettuce and spinach (these are the kids gardens).

I still have to plan my herb garden. Once I get that done I will share that with you as well.

How are your garden plans coming?


  1. I don't have much space at all but I try to make the most of it. My lettuce was planted two weeks ago and is about 1/2" now. And I planted peas on Wednesday. I also have peppers, tomatoes and chives started inside.
    Here's wishing for a great gardening season!

  2. Hi
    just came across your blog while researching garden ideas. I am so going to make a plan like this as it looks like a great idea. Thanks