Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekly Grocery Shopping

Apparently I have gotten into a bad habit of going to the grocery store multiple times each week. I really need to get back to making lists and making do without until the next shopping day. Here is what I spent last week.

Fareway-2 gallons of milk, bananas, and tortillas $11.53
Fareway-lunchmeat, cheese, oranges, apples, bananas, strawberries, and cream cheese $31.92

Total spent last week $43.45.

I was at $156 for the month so this brings me to $199.45. Um yeah, I won't be staying under $200 like I wanted to.

This week we have already gone to the store twice and it is only Wednesday. Yesterday I went and bought bananas and ice cream sandwiches, spending $5. Today hubby ran into town and purchased some drinks, chips, Canadian bacon and pepperoni for homemade pizzas. Today was the last day of school so we have 4 extra teenagers here. We made homemade pizza so we saved money doing this as opposed to ordering out or getting frozen pizzas. He spent a total of $22.

So for the month we are at $227. I know I need to run to the store one more time before the end of the month. I have to pick up a few things for dinner at my mothers house on Monday.


  1. Lists help tremendously! The past couple months I've been shopping the adds using a list (and a menu for the week) and it helps curb spending so much better. In fact last week my 3-yr-old daughter asked "Mom, can we get white doughnuts?" and I told her "No, it is not on our list." She responds "Mama, can you please DRAW them on your list?" :-) So adorable!!

  2. Oh that is adorable! Yes, I really need to stick to the menu plan and learn to work off the list. Unless of course there is a stock up deal going on!