Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coupon Deals

I figured I was already over what I wanted to spend for the month so I decided to hit the stores to take advantage of some coupons that were about to expire. I had a few items that I stocked up on. Here is what I got.

(4) C&H Sugar regular price was $3.29, sale price was $1.99, used $1.00/2
final price was $1.49 each
(15) Kool Aid packets sale price $.10 each, coupon took off $1.25
final price was $.25 for all
(1) Hunt's ketchup, regular price $1.19, sale $.49 (limit of 1)
(4) KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, didn't check regular, sale $1.28, used $1 off coupon
final price was $.28 each
(8) Oscar Mayer Hot dogs, didn't check regular price, sale price $.99, used $1/2 coupon
final price was $.49 each

I spent $11.25 for everything pictured above.

Suave shampoo, $2.98, had a coupon for FREE item.
(3) Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce $1.62, used $1 coupons
final price was $.62 each
(4) Bar S hot dogs $.88, used $1/2 coupon
final price was $.38 each
(4) Speed Stick deodorant $2.18, use $.75 coupon
final price was $1.48
(15) Kool Aid packets, regular price $3, price matched and used coupon
final price $.25 for all
(6) Hunt's Ketchup, regular price $1, price matched
final price was $.49 each

I spent $12.49 for everything pictured above. The total without coupons and sales would have been $29.08

It's not "extreme couponing" but it's not too bad.


  1. Don't you just love coupons? You got a ton of great deals...way to go!

  2. That's great... I wish our stores would do double coupons, etc.

  3. I love shopping just the "specials" and really stocking up!

  4. Thanks ladies. I do love stocking up when things are at rock bottom prices. I really didn't want to spend any more money for the month but it is so hard to pass up deals like that.

  5. Gotta get the deals when the getting is good!! I got a few things at HyVee on Thursday, too - some of the same stuff you've got in your pic! Still need to get some more - would like to stock up on cheese for sure this week while the price is low... :-)

  6. I love stocking up when the sales are hot. I have been eating lots from our pantry and really need to concentrate on restocking it when I can find bargains. Food is getting so expensive.