Friday, September 2, 2011

August No Spend Month Challenge Recap

My goal for August was to spend as little money as possible. I am really wanting to get our savings built back up and having a no spend month was a good way to do that.

We started off the month really well. Towards the end of the month we had quite a few unexpected expenses come up. All 3 of my younger children were seen by our physician for ears again and poison ivy. I attended my first produce auction where I couldn't pass up some really great deals on fresh, local produce. Then sadly we had a death in the family requiring an impromptu 18 hour round trip to southern Illinois.

My grocery costs for the month ended up at $387. My goal was $200. I went over by quite a bit but I have a good supply of food in my pantry to show for it. We did well on not spending money on entertainment. We did eat out a couple times on our road trip but for the most part we stuck with fast food which was cheaper than a sit down restaurant.

Overall I think we did ok. Between having to buy a new oven, a new phone and making a road trip we didn't plan on we really didn't save much money this month. However by cutting back on certain budgeted areas we did have extra money available to make all these things possible and we were able to pay cash for everything instead of putting it on a credit card.

How did your month go?

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  1. So even though you ended up not saving much your budget was able to absorb a lot of extra stuff - which makes life a little less stressful, right? Sorry about the death - did your boys handle it ok? My oldest does NOT handle death well and he really hasn't even experienced it yet.