Friday, November 18, 2011

Covering the Strawberries for Winter

We put straw down over our strawberry bed a couple weeks ago. The chickens were out during that time and decided to run over and see what I was doing. I'm sure they were hoping for a snack. Once they relalized I was messing with straw they had to join in. They were in heaven. They love scratching and moving the straw around. It's almost as good as a snack.They kind of made long work out of a short project because they kept moving the straw around and uncovering the plants. I finally decided to give up after a while.

My younger boys were also great helpers. Once they got tired of scratching the straw they moved over to take a dust bath in the garden. The chickens that is, not my boys. Although if given the chance they would probably take a dust bath too.
I am pretty sure and hoping that all the winterizing of the garden is complete. There really isn't any work for my fruit trees, the raspberry canes can be left till Spring and everything else is done. I think I can relax for the season.


  1. LOL my chickens just did the same thing when I covered my strawberries with straw! They look like the same breed too.

  2. Aren't they funny? My breeds are Buffs, Brahmas, and Barred Plymouth Rocks.