Friday, November 4, 2011

Garden Clean Up and Chickens

We finished cleaning up the garden the other day. Hubby and son picked the last of the jalapeno and green peppers. I had a pretty thick layer of straw on the ground so my boys helped me rake some of it up and move it to the compost bin, we burned part of it, and left some in the garden to till into the soil in the Spring. 2011 gardening is officially done. I finally canned my last batch of tomatoes last week.
The chickens have been happy to get out and free range the yard again. I had them locked up for part of the summer because they kept getting into the neighbors garden. Now that she has pulled up all her tomatoes the birds can be free again! I am happy to have them out roaming.My daughter is fascinated with the birds. She loves to sit and watch them. Now that she is mobile she tries to reach out and touch them. I think they are as curious about her is she is about them.

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